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Chewed Up & Spat Out

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The Meanwood Beck, aka 'Masticator' has been on my list forever, but somehow I've never got around to doing it, so when Matt suggested an evening stroll I couldn't say no. For me this was about the open sections just as much as the culverted sections. There's a certain industrial romanticism about an engineered waterway winding its way through an urban setting.The visit consisted of a speedy walk along the beck, roughly two miles to the outfall. Plenty of fun with smoke bombs, sparklers, rockets and Thermite, before a slightly more leisurely walk back along the beck to the cars. Due to my impatience, high ISO was the order of the day. I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked, so no doubt I'll be returning some day.

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We think of those nights spent with one or more friends, nights when we merged with the shadows and could see the world with eyes that were not our own.

Whipplesnaith - The Night Climbers of Cambridge (1937)