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It's a quiet Sunday morning in Sheffield. The sun is shining and the streets are empty. I'm lurking in a backstreet car park looking very dodgy... I have unfinished business to attend to.

A few weeks ago, myself and four fellow 28'ers had our first taste of Megatron. Due to parking constraints and unfortunate timing, we had failed to reach the most impressive section. This time I was determined to make it all the way to the infamous 'parabolic arch' and of course the outfall.

Having learned a couple of lessons last time, this time I was better prepared. New waders had been acquired and adequate parking time was paid for. Unfortunately this time LeedsExplorer & Fudge were unable to attend, however myself, BAJ and RW were graced by the presence of Miss JasperB, Mr Nightcaller and finally by Mr Xan_Asmodi, who by some bizarre stroke of luck managed to find us despite having no specific meeting point. It was great to see Nightcaller and the Stoke boys again, and it was a pleasure to meet both JB and Xan. Props to JB for getting her legs wet and commiserations to Xan for suffering lens damage.

It's always nice to finish something you've started. Megatron, consider yourself 'done'... However I'm sure I'll be seeing you again sometime.

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We think of those nights spent with one or more friends, nights when we merged with the shadows and could see the world with eyes that were not our own.

Whipplesnaith - The Night Climbers of Cambridge (1937)